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It’s OK to laugh at funerals

Funerals are more commonly now a real celebration of life. A tribute to the deceased’s life instead of mourning their death. I try to ensure the funerals I write and conduct rejoice in memories of the triumphs, the relationships, the best and happy times spent with their loved one. The tone is usually happy rather than mournful, celebratory instead of sombre.

And at these sorts of ‘Celebration of Life’, you’re more likely to hear Monty Python’s Always Look On The Bright Side of Life, the most popular song played at UK funerals – than Verdi’s Requiem.

Below is a video of a ‘joke’ the deceased played on his family and friends at his graveside. Apologises for the swearing! He said he wanted everyone to go away from his funeral with a smile on their faces. My thoughts exactly!

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