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So what’s your story?

One thing I ABSOLUTELY love about being a celebrant is hearing peoples stories and trying to ensure their story is reflected throughout their ceremony. I want to create a truly unique and personal celebration. This is true for all of the kinds of ceremonies that I do.

For weddings, don’t get so caught up in seat covers etc. or the favours and catering arrangements that you forget what it is all about. You might find it helpful to ask yourself some of the questions which I ask my couples. This can help you find ways of telling your story during the whole day.

Where did it all begin? How have you developed as a couple? Why is marriage important to you? What are your hopes for the future?

So, how will every element of your ceremony reflect you and your story?

This is an important day for you. Take time to think why it is important and let’s tell your story in a thoughtful and meaningful way. If I can help you to think things through and to help ensure you have an amazing ceremony, please get in touch.

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